Bringing green energy to life.
Proactively working on the “four revolutions and one cooperation” new strategy for safe energy.
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A globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency PV materials.
GCL-Poly uses GCL Group’s massive-scale, industry-leading polysilicon production technique, devoting itself to the industrial application of such cutting-edge technologies as those of cast mono ingots and black silicon.
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Drive for innovation and outstanding accomplishments in PV materials.
A company with a firm hold on the direction of development of these materials, consistently maintaining its position as a trailblazer in the areas of polysilicon and silicon wafer technology.
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Using PV power to create happiness and give people clean-energy lives.
“Double core” industry strategy: upstream high-efficiency PV-material manufacturing + downstream PV-power station development, operation, and maintenance.
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About gcl-poly
Our products
    Silicon Materials
    GCL provides high-quality solar grade and semiconductor grade polysilicon raw materials, with N-type resistivity of polysilicon reaching 200 ~ 500 Ω